The Importance of High Quality Photos


I am going to get straight to the point on this one. It is very essential to use high quality photos when getting design work created or to promote your brand. Period. End of discussion. Not only does this help the designer to bring your vision alive and create an amazing visual image, but it also shows that you are well polished and professional. It takes your business to the next level. Think about it, do you see any well known celebrities posting horrible looking pictures of themselves on their website or promotional collateral? Didn’t think so…

Graphic Design and Photography goes hand in hand. Professional graphic designers, like myself have learned how to manipulate photographs to communicate a desired idea or concepts. And by working with a highly skilled photographer magic can be made when the two combine and work together.

I wanted to share a few photos by some excellent photographers that I have had the pleasure to work with. You will see a photo that is out of focus or has poor quality and one that is high quality. You will get a first hand view on why it is important to hire a professional to take your photos. You are worth the invest!

Taken by Tish Dion Imagery 

Poor Quality
Better Quality

Here are some photos captured by Kimiko Jones Photography

Poor Quality
Better Quality

You can definitely see how the first pictures are blurry and not great to use for advertising. And in the second pictures you see highly quality photos that are exceptional to use.

Below you will also see some product picture that I have been working on. This is another avenue that I will be taking as a designer. By having multiple businesses and working with high-end brands, I have leaned that have eye catchy product pictures are a must. Make sure to FOLLOW me on Instagram and LIKE on Facebook.

Poor Quality
Better Quality

Make sure that you invest in a professional photographer to capture you precious moments and a professional skilled graphic designer to create your brand image.


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