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We recognize what we need to enhance in our business and we are making it smoother for our clients. We have created a #clientportal or as we call it CLIENT SPACE that has your files, #design process, important documents, and finished work. The new feature will be available for all clients, but mainly for our startup business clients or rebranding clients. Simply go to and click on the CLIENT SPACE button at the top left corner. You will then be able to login with your username and password that you received in a welcome email from us. You will have access to folders that store your documents and other useful information. We will also add videos, pdfs, and other files for you to keep and view at any time. And most importantly, we will be able to add notes about projects. This means no more endless emails!

Enjoy and know that we are strive to be better at communicating with our clients.

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Bringing Your Brand A Game

Are you tired of trying to develop your brand alone? Long stressful days and nights thinking about what way should I go. What colors scheme reflect my brand? How do I stand out from my competition? Do I have enough money to hire a brand strategist?
Well don’t worry anymore? Let us help your with your brand identitiy. We specialize in Web Development, Business Cards, Logo Identity, Marketing, Coaching, and Much more. Book your free 10 minute session today Click HERE.
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We are also excited to announce our FREE eCourse that will be held on January 25, 2016. It will cover all that you need to know about “Bringing Your A Game” when creating a top notch brand. Click HERE to register for the live webinar.12234898_1678329532453940_9005000547722224998_n

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