Meet Kendra James

Kendra James is the Founder & CEO of The Finance Femme, a premier financial consulting firm for women entrepreneurs.  Kendra integrates her corporate experience, extensive entrepreneurial knowledge, and business finance acumen to help a myriad of women run their businesses with the confidence of having a full time CFO.


Kendra started her love of Business Finance while attending Clemson University, where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Finance and a minor in Accounting.  Upon graduating she moved to NYC where she began her career in finance.  She spent 10+ years climbing the corporate ladder, working for companies like GE managing over 2 billion in sales and 200 million in expenses.  She spent thousands of hours inside, or preparing for, Executive Boardroom meetings.  During that time,Kendra realized her passion was in helping small business owners and that is when she created The Finance Femme and her signature service The Boardroom Experience™.  The Finance Femme reaches many entrepreneurs via Social Media and a growing email subscriber list.  With over 11,000 active social media followers, many entrepreneurs follow to learn more about everything from funding their start-up to managing their cash flow.  Additionally, Kendra has expanded her business to mentor other small businesses in the finance, accounting and tax space – assisting with everything from brand building to client acquisition & retention.


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