Branding Conversations Industry Professional Zerlene Rodgers

Zerlene RodgersZerlene Rogers, no novice to the high demands of the hair care industry. This 17 year veteran hair artist has been published in local and worldwide publications such as: Hype Hair, Heart & Soul, and Southern Dallas magazine. Currently styling everyone from mothers to celebrities. As a child, she always had a passion and love for hair. She would imagine herself as a famous hairstylist. At the age of 13, Zerlene had a full clientele in her mother’s kitchen. Practically working for free just so she could have her hands in hair. By the age of 15, Zerlene became a shampoo tech at local salon called The Bronze Lady. There she would learn the ends and outs of the hair business, as well as what it means to be a stylist from Angela Allen and Tracy Blunt. She would later learn her worth from Monika Hodges.

Zerlene believes in giving honor where honor is due.The lessons these ladies blessed her with made such an impact in her life and shaped Zerlene into the phenomenal hairstylist and powerhouse she is today!

Zerlene has accomplished a great deal in her career; she has owned her own salon, Shea’s Beauty Salon at the age of 26. She has worked as an educator for Farouk Systems when she was 28. Zerlene is certified in multiple product lines, has worked with stage and film/tv productions, music videos, in addition to countless photographers. Zerlene is IMDb credit for her work as head hairstylist on Carter High the movie, and key hairstylist for Born Again Virgin. She is the founder of Zerlene Rogers Beauty&Brains and the owner of Ironic Collection.

In 2010, Zerlene relocated her family from Dayton, Ohio to the Dallas Fort Worth in, Texas market where she is currently building a brand for her artistry. She is a stylist to Celebrities and the list is still growing. Just to name a few, Zerlene has worked with the Queen of Radio DeDe McGuire from K104 DeDe in the morning radio show; Vivica Fox, Pastor Cora Jakes-Coleman, Ebony Steele, David Banner, and so many others.

As a professional woman and educator working in film/tv and print, Zerlene utilizes her skills to create beautiful praise worthy multi-cultural hairstyles. She is humble and grateful for where she is today and excited about what her future holds!

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